I will work with you to build an analytics-driven organization in which your data becomes a strategic asset that you can use to become a leader in higher education, highly competitive and viable.




Together we will start where you are on the path to becoming fact driven. I will provide practical expertise on everything from the complete, holistic creation of an analytics capability to the development of analytics in a specific operational or strategic function, to the development of the organizational capabilities required to sustain data-driven decision making. I can lead you through a systematic implementation of analytics that helps you start small and grow. 


Analytics requires an organization capable of creating insight into the factors that drive performance, defining a strategic use of analytics that supports its mission and purpose, maintaining effective performance management practices and the means of executing strategy and managing change.  I can help you assess where you are on your analytics journey and determine the best starting place for you.


Analytics requires specific human capabilities, especially a strong commitment from senior leadership to analytics, a fact-based culture that embraces data and staff that have the right kind of analytic skills, data literacy and decision-making skills. As well, an organization that wants a sustainable analytic capability needs some staff dedicated to managing analytics. I can help you develop these capabilities. 


Information technology is the platform for analytics and fact-based decision making. Analytics cannot be sustained without a strong commitment to data quality and data governance across the enterprise, the capacity to scale analytics over time to include multiple sources of structured and unstructured data and the implementation of appropriate tools and platforms that meet your organization's needs. I can help you build a solid foundation for analytics.